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    Rules Empty Rules

    Post by Dyl-J on Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:23 pm


    I am not very strict, so don't expect a lot of rules. Actually, I'm not a big fan of rules, but I think every forum needs rules.

    1. Cussing - I allow it, but don't cuss too much. It's okay for some bad words, but I have censored some words and those words you can only use a little bit.

    2. Be Nice - I'm not saying you have to be really good to everyone, but don't be too mean. Just report them to me if you have problems with someone.

    3. Spamming - Don't post too many posts at a time. I'll say only 5 posts in a row. If you go over the limit, there will be consequences.


    If you don't follow these rules there will be consequences.

    1. First Warning - If you break one of the rules, at first you will get a warning.

    2. Final Warning - If you break one of the rules again, you will get a final warning.

    3. Suspension - You will get suspended for a week if you break the rules a 3rd time.

    4. Banned - You will be banned if you break the rules within a week after being put back on the site after suspension.

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